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Spar pelyntAs individuals, we all know how important it is to increase the number of things we do to help the environment. We’re trying to recycle more of our rubbish, turning off lights that aren’t needed and using our cars less, to name just a few.

Businesses, no matter how big or small, also have a duty to act responsibly and take the same approach.

For Sophie and Paul Boxall, improving the way their business is run to make it more green and sustainable is high on their agenda. And it’s not just about being environmentally friendly. The steps they have taken are also saving them a lot of money.



Wisemans Neighbourhood Shop of the Year 2010

Wiseman Milk Award

Owners Paul and Sophie Boxall impressed judges with their phenomenal customer service, impressive range and forward thinking approach to retailing.

Wiseman sales and marketing director Sandy Wilkie said stores such as Spar Pelynt were central to their local communities. 

“Congratulations to the Boxall family and Spar Pelynt. We have seen some fantastic examples of convenience retailing as we judged the 28 finalists but this store stood out for its excellent standards of retailing and their ambition to keep driving the business forward to provide the best for their customers,” he said.